Here is a collection of comments from SBSW Fans (taken from the old SBSW website).

I am an old fan of harness racing & iv’e been following the progress of this wonderful animal he looks strong & IN wonderful shape , please, please, don’t run him so much that he comes up lame with bo tendons & such. let him retire a champion as he truly is. the best in my life time &i’m 73. thank you.Alfred B.

How about the Order of Canada for SBSW. He is more deserving than then a lot humans that have it now!Marc D.

The year has gone by so fast, love watching this great horse race, he truly is a special champion.Debbie

Any plans to produce a DVD of all of Somebeachsomewhere’s races as a commemorative gift? I can think of a number of people that would enjoy receiving that.Glen W.

He’s absolutely stunning to watch…like poetry in motion!Claudette

Bred in Ontario
Foaled in Ohio
Loved in the Maritimes
You go Beach
Janice Terry

Michael H.

We’re sooo proud of you Beach. You’re an amazing animal and competitor. Can’t wait to see what’s next. From one of your hometown fans.Janice

Been around the standardbreds for about 18 years or so and have never seen anything close to this. closest would be artsplace 4 yr old campaign for me. just curious whats next on the agenda for the beach and if any more canadian dates are on his calendar?Fred V.

Okay, ‘The Beach’ is the greatest horse I have ever seen. They are talking about tring to time trial him in 1:45 at the Red Mile. Does anyone know what day they plan to do this. I want to witness history! – LCC


I’ve been following him for two years now and am so proud of the horse and people associated with him. Sure does make Truro look good all over the world. Good luck for the rest of the Fall. Sure wish I could get to one of his races.Roger D.

Coming from the hometown of ‘Beach’ and his owners, I am extremely proud of him and his connections as how they’ve handled themselves last summer and this. Keep up the good work and hopefully you’ll have that world record to yourselves after next Saturday. Just wish I could have been at one of his races. Good Luck.Roger D.

Wow! Been following harness horses for 20+ years and Somebeachsomewhere is the most consistent horse, not to mention fastest horse, since Jenna’s Beach Boy…Joe R.

I have been following harness for 35 years and I have not seen a horse with such a big heart since the likes of the great Cam Fella, and Niatross. These greats don’t come very often. Go beach smash that record.Gord